Care Instructions

Weave Baskets

To remove surface dust, use a vacuum cleaner with bristle attachment.

If product gets wet, wipe dry immediately with a clean, non-abrasive cloth.

Please note that over time, direct sunlight can cause the product color to fade.

Lacquer Wares

The scent of lacquer is inevitable when the product is new. To help reduce the odor, keep the product in a well ventilated open area and over time, the scent will diminish.

Lacquer finish looks beautiful. Although a hard finish, it is susceptible to scratches, chips and wear. To prevent and make your lacquer product last a lifetime, follow the care instructions below:

Keep dry at all times - Water can damage lacquer in a short amount of time, leaving spots that are difficult to get out later, and if left alone it can remove the finish in these spots.

Use a mild soap and warm water with a damp (not dripping wet) cloth. Wipe down avoiding circular motions. Once cleaned, use a soft dry cloth and wipe any excess water away. Make sure the cloth has no foreign material that can scratch the surface. Do not use harsh household cleaners and avoid using any cleaner containing bleach or ammonia.

Do not drag items across the finish.

Do not leave heavy items in a place that can be tipped over.

Dust with a soft lint-free cloth or a clean feather duster. Do not drag the dust across the surface, as it can contain small hard particles that can scratch the surface.

Keeping the surface of the product dusted and clean will help prevent hard particles from building up, and will help you maintain the look of the high gloss.